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Rwenzori Mountains Drugar_edited.jpg

Rwenzori Mountains Natural

SCA Grading: 81.50

Licensed Q-Grader: Mike Mac Donald

Crop Year: 2022-2023

Altitude: 1100m to 2300m ASL

Varieties: SL28 & SL14

Process: Natural, Sun-Dried on African Beds

Harvest Season: Main Crop Sep to Dec; Fly Crop March to May

Region: The Rwenzori Mountains are situated in Western Uganda, covering most of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and is home to Arabica production in the Western Region.

& Producer

All the Coffee Washing Stations in Western Uganda contribute to the production of Premium Natural, called Embogo (Local Name). Coffee Washing Stations contributing are Bunyangabu, Katerera, Katete, Kisiizi, Mubuku & Nyabubare CWS.

Process & Harvest

Natural process & sun dried, originating from a plant tall in stature with light bronze leaf tips. Main Crop harvested between Sep - Dec and the Fly Crop harvested between Mar - May.

Cup Profile Notes

Yeasty, Purple Fruit, Sweet Spices, Medium Acetic Acidity, Smooth.

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