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Coffee producing regions-

Gitega, Karuzi, Kayanza, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ngozi

Coffee varietals-

Bourbon, French Mission Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirzi

Burundi is a small landlocked country at the crossroads of East and Central Africa. Its nestled between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

Burundi is blessed with ideal terroir for coffee farming, with the growing regions dispersed in the central and northern areas at perfect  altitudes for growing high quality coffee. The hills of Burundi offer a perfect environment for the coffee to thrive, with most coffee trees here being classic Bourbon variety types. 

Ngozi 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Green Coffees


Process Washed and sun-dried on African beds

Varietals Red Bourbon

Region Ngozi, Northern Burundi

Quality Conventional

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