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Burundi Bourbon TT.png


SCA Grading: 81.50

Licensed Q-Grader: Mike Mac Donald

Crop Year: 2022-2023

Altitude: 1400m to 1600m ASL

Varieties: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed and Sun-Dried on African Beds

Harvest Season: March to July

Region: The Ngozi region is situated in the Northern Region of Burundi.

& Producer

This Ngozi TT is purchased locally from ODECA Washing stations in Burundi’s Ngozi region. ODECA are the state-owned and run washing stations, nearby Sucafina’s Coffee Washing Stations.

Process & Harvest

Washed & sun dried, the cherries are de-pulped same day of harvest. Parchment is then fermented for 10 hours then laid out to dry on African beds until it reaches 10.5% humidity. Main Crop harvested between Mar - Jul.

Cup Profile Notes

Honey, Stone Fruit, Apple, Medium Malic Acidity, Smooth.

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