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farming PROFILE

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds.

Varietals: Nyasa, Gesha, Catimor 129, Caturra.

Altitude: 1350 masl.

Region: Ntchenachena EPA, Rumphi, Northern Malawi.

Producer: The 791 Farmers of Phoka Cooperative.

Harvest Period: July to October 2023

green coffee information

Quality Category: Pro Series and Conventional

Grades: AAA/AA/AB, Peaberry, PB/C

Screen Size Spread of each grade:

AAA/AA/AB- Scr19: 18%/Scr18: 27%/Scr17: 39%

Scr16: 16%

Peaberry- Scr17: 17%/Scr16: 46%/ Scr15: 33%/

Scr14: 4%

PB/C- Scr14: 72%/ Scr13: 21%/ Scr12: 7%

Packaging: Grain Pro


Licensed Q-Grader: Mike Mac Donald

SCA score on arrival sample for the various grades:

AAA/AA/AB- 83.50

Peaberry- 83.75

PB/C- 82.75

Cup profile commentary: 

AAA/AA/AB- Caramel, berries, red apple, buttery, juicy, great balance. Great for a high quality and sweet and well structured component in a blend.

Peaberry- Toffee, Orange, Creamy. Awesome single origin option. Imagine ristrettos and aeropress extractions...

PB/C- Caramelised sugar, lime, grapes, pear, chamomile, smooth and juicy, elegant. An unexpectedly exotic and interesting lot. Add some flair to a limited edition blend. Probably almost cheating in the context of capsules and even improve the profile of a filter blend.

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